2023-24 Recipient

Jim Ruether

Past Aaron Brummond Award Winners






Jack Nelson


Wallace Gehrke, Jim Jacobson, John Knudson, Harold Kottke, Roger Ziebell, Harvey Niemeyer, Mike Hofmann



Orv Anklam, Joe Bever, Howie Drebenstadt, Lloyd Juhlke, Elmer Kufahl, Dennis Lewandowski, Bill Morris



Aaron Brummond, Arnie Allman, Don Martin, Don Barlament, Fred Dangaard, Bill Harvey, Orz Heinz, Jerry Kell, Milt Kluever, Marv Knoeck, Louis Kroening, Marv Krueger, Marvin Machel, Don Anklam, Bob Radunz, Mark Reetz, Bob Ruether, Ken Seidler, Les Viegutz, Dennis Wolfe

Aaron Brummond Award

This Award is given each year to those players that over the years have shown great Fellowship in our league.

The players that have really meant something to the league, and thier team.

The award is named after Aaron Brummond who demonstrated these qualities and he wanted to acknowledge others that play and had fun, interacted with others, and really passed on the real purpose of our league and that is


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